It is my passion to stage the world that surrounds us, to capture it and present its new form in a dark room. To touch an audience with unique moments, places and people in a well thought-out composition. In addition to precise planning, one of my strengths is following the action in front of the lens and flexibly adapting the picture and story if necessary. Team spirit is not only important on the set, in post-production it is also important to follow a vision together in order to bring to life what has been captured on the screen. Through the realization of many projects of all sizes, I don’t only have experience with a wide variety of camera systems, but also how to work in teams and how to keep them together. What counts for me is moving images and having fun creating the concept through to the final composition.

I am very happy to meet at a Café or offer you a coffee in the Color-Suite:


Documentary Filmmaker | Colorist | DIT