Philipp Waldhauser

©Rene Böhmer

Nice to meet you! My Name is Philipp.

What fascinates me the most, is the process of capturing an abstract of the world and revitalize it in a wholesome composition on the big screen or canvas. Giving this complex composition its final edge, is what I live for. Creating something huge, and In doing so getting to know wonderful people.

I am a self-made man. In the sense of creating everything myself from ground up, to truly understand it. Creating systems and workflows is my obsession. Dedicated to efficiency and developing an even more economic tool or workflow, if there isn’t one.

I love collaborating and have a thing for the “good things” in life. Think starting a color session with a shockingly good cappuccino and ending the session with some final touches and Negronis.
The role of the consultant is one I very much identify with.
Helping to define, materialize and secure the creative vision.

Documentary Cinematographer based in central Europe.

Take a dive into my documentary work here.